Richard Rozze ‘Learning to Fly’: Press Kit

Richard Rozze ‘Learning To Fly’ Group – ‘Jazz Refreshed’

The Richard Rozze Group – a stellar line – up of some of the UK’s best Jazz musicians.


‘Heard this for the first time on the radio on Saturday. Totally lifted me up. Thanks.” J. Smith via Youtube

”Richard Rozze is an artist who has successfully forged a unique approach to his playing and compositions. He glides effortlessly through multi-genre worlds, his solos flawlessly committed to his surroundings. On this debut album, the listener will be enthralled by Rozze’s ability to fuse elements of rock, jazz, folk & Americana. You will stop asking yourself “what style of music am I listening to?” and realise the question is moot, it’s just great music!” (Paul Booth – saxophonist with the Steve Winwood Band)

”Richard Rozze has produced a stunning CD with a band that sounds like it has played together for years, the cohesion and telepathy is evident throughout. Richard’s writing echoes some of Pat Metheny’s finest moments, yet his own playing can encompass R’nB grit to country sensitivity when needed, to compliment his compositions and arrangements. (Derek Nash – producer/ engineer/saxophonist)


A large part of the jazz repertoire that musicians and audiences alike have come to love, originates from The Great American Songbook – ”song” being a key word. These lyrical, linear melodies supported by the sophistications of  ‘classical’ harmony have proved to be successful vehicles for interpretation.

‘Learning To Fly’ hopes to combine the spirit of The American Songbook with Richard’s other musical influences. The album and live performances will take the listener on emotional journeys.  Lets allow jazz inspired  music into the ears and hearts of its listeners.

Richard’s arrangement of Jimmy Webb’s ‘Wichita Lineman’ was featured on BBC Radio 3’s Jazz Line – Up Show.

YouTube: Richard Rozze ‘Learning To Fly’



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